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Location          : Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok
Site Area         : 996 Sqm.
Owner              : Laksawan Wongworrakan

Year                 : 2017

The owner wants to renovate their apartment building into a 4 stars hotel to serve the use of the increasing tourists in the area.

The new design of  lobby, restaurant, swimming pool, etc. are made to fit the new functions.

The main idea of this project is to adapt the wasted small terrace to the new room by changing them to the uniqueness of both Architecture and Interior.

The new public areas such as lobby, swimming pool and restaurant were designed according to the hotel concept of modern tropical

namely; the wooden terrace in lobby area, the opening between lift lobby for the natural light and ventilation or the decoration in swimming pool area to make it feels clam, relax, and tranquil even though the location is in the busiest district area of Bangkok.

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