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Location      : Bangkok , Thailand
Site Area     : 250 m
Year             : 2017

Photo           : Soopakorn Srisakul

The Sky Clubhouse is a small building facility for residential project in the suburb of Bangkok, Thailand. This project is served as functional building for private housing project, which consists of a small gym on upper floor, interior living and exterior areas for multi-purpose activities.


With the limited space, the main idea of the project is to create the open and continuous space that can connect between inside and outside, below and upper levels. The design of ‘stepping floor’ is come to serve as a way to combine circulation, floorplan, activities and landscape that can lead visitor from ground level along the way to the gym on the upper floor. Meanwhile the space under the step has been used to hide all the service area of the building.


This step also divide the space into several platform that can use as the multi-purpose space, adapt and change according to the activities such as relaxing space, working table or amphitheater for small group of people. Furthermore, between this platforms are integrated with small garden that blend into all interior space, which give a little privacy and greenery atmosphere.


The overall materials are the standard economical material in Thailand, concrete, terrazzo floor and aluminium window. But the main character of the building is the white aluminium stripes façade that cover all ground floor interior space, gradually twist from vertical to horizontal, help filter the natural light from above and connect the view below to the outdoor area and landscape garden around the site. As appear from outside, it like the building is slowly opening ‘the curtain’ to explore the outside world.

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