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Location      : MBK center , Bangkok
Site Area     : 90 m
Year             : 2017

Photo           : Soopakorn Srisakul

Toomato Italian Kitchen is the new Italian fast casual dining place, which is located in MBK, one of the busiest shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. This new restaurant brand is trying to present the fresh, wholesome and authentic Italian fare in the fast food style and casual setting. Because this is the first restaurant of the brand, the goal of the client is to establish the branding identity through the design concept.


The main idea of our team is to represent identity and character of the brand, which is the drop of tomato sauce in the white surface, combine with the playful element and casual atmosphere. That why we decide to take very literal way of using ‘Tomato’, the name and main ingredient of this restaurant to be the hanging element that cover the above space, be the center of attraction and represent the color of the brand at the same time.


The simple material as plastic Christmas ball, plastic tube and hanging thread is use to make the small ‘tomato’ fruit, while other material is use to create warm and cozy feeling in the dining area.

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